Trip to India 2020

by thecurrytheory

Yes! After 14 and a half years finally, I made it to my Birthplace… INDIA! What an experience it was! Just felt like a cyclone of things happening around me in a week filled with so many emotions and happiness. This trip wasn’t planned, it just happened! Thanks to my better half for arranging it in such a short time and my wonderful children for letting me go on this 7 day adventurous, crazy exciting, wonderful and fruitful trip. Iā€™m beyond thankful for it. Since it was for such a short time I had to come up with a plan to overcome my Jet lag, actually, my body didn’t have time to for. I had a packed schedule. I decided to see most of my family in 4 different cities in practically 4 days. Starting in Mumbai than Pune and Kolhapur, Herle, and back to Mumbai. To my surprise, my body got quickly used to the clock in India(Maybe because I was born there and lived almost all teenage years of my life in a big city like Mumbai) But after I landed back in America, is when my body was dysfunctional and jet-lagged for about a week.

Thankfully, I did not get sick for the whole duration of my trip, I would say it was God’s grace and some smart choices made by my hubby to put me in some really nice Hotels. I would say I have successfully come up with few things to share to make your experience a good one if you do intend to visit this amazing land of vibrating culture.

I have come up with 10 important things to think about before thinking of vacationing in the biggest and busiest cities in the world.

1. Only drink bottled filter water or spring water (the Hotel that I stayed at provided me with
free drinking water bottles) the brand used mainly all over India is “Bisleri

2. Prepping for the Jet lag is very important (I got great advice from my friends who had recently visited India and also my wonderful hubby who looked up articles to see how other people deal with it) Here are some tips :

a. If it is daytime, do not sleep, stay up and when it’s night time go to bed. Adjust your body to it from the very first day of your trip and that will take you through the whole trip. Set multiple alarms if necessary.

b. keep yourself hydrated, due to excessive heat it can make you sleepy and tired as well.

c. Do not overeat any heavy fried foods, that will make you drowsy. (of course, you can take naps but make sure you’re not napping more than an hour or so)

3. Do not carry big amounts of cash with you, you can use any International ATM’s like ICICI Bank that gives you a good current rate for Dollars to rupees

4. Also, You can take Uber in big cities but I didn’t have to because my parents had a car and they took me around, but you can always book a car from a good Hotel to travel anywhere, they will charge a daily rate. Also, you can try local trains or taxis but trains can get a little suffocating if too crowded.

5. Ask directions if you do get lost, most people are helpful and friendly but not all.

6. Carry a small flashlight with you at all times or if you have one on your smartphone is good too. Also do carry a roll of toilet paper and soap, especially when visiting small towns and villages, Trust me! you will thank me later.:)

7. When shopping always Bargain! Never pay the full price. The shop keepers do get a vibe right away that you are not from there so they raise the prices but you can ask someone local to bargain for you.

8. Eat at restaurants that use proper hygiene. No matter what you eat the food is worth drooling over…..its that good. Everything in India is mouth-watering good.

From Chai to Biryani all is amazing food!!

9. Street food is a No-NO unless you have a strong gut šŸ™‚

10. Lastly, enjoy every bit of the noise, traffic, and people because you don’t get that here in States, its way too quiet here. It is really wonderful to see how people there live with so little and still are content with what they have. they love their food and culture.

I hope these 10 things really help anyone who’s willing to experience a whole different world. This summarizes what I wanted to say. Now Enjoy some of the amazing food pictures I have to share with you all šŸ™‚

Amazing homemade Biryani made by my wonderful Uncle and Aunt

Chicken Kebab platter that my friends treated me too ! soo good

Maharashtrian Fried fish and shrimp curry which was mind-blowing good!

Gol gappa’s with my cousins….so addictive

Sweet and Tangy Bhel……yum

Galebi ….just scrumptious and so sweet dessert

South Indian Platter for Breakfast just hit the spot for me !! Since I like spicy

Peru is one unique fruit that you get in India. I love the sweet and tangy taste of it with some salt and red curry powder on top. Oh so good !

And above all a good hot cup of CHAI you can’t beat. It was just so soothing and refreshing to taste.

And there is lot more ! I can’t post in one little blog that India has to offer. Someday I shall return and stay for a little longer time so I cam explore more. For now I’m so thankful to the Lord for giving me this amazing opportunity to go to a land that has so much to offer and always will be close to my heart. Namaste

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